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Top Priority Issues
Davis School District Board of Education
Representing District #3 including Farmington, Kaysville, Centerville and Fruit Heights

• I was the only school board member to vote against a 9.3% property tax increase during the 2011 recession. Our property tax rate is high enough. We do not need to raise it again.

• School Board policy makes it very difficult for citizens to speak during board meetings. I favor simplifying the process.

• Polls always show that the economy is the most important issue among voters; however, Utah does a poor job of teaching the principles of economics to our children. Davis School District should significantly improve the teaching of economics.  

• As I proposed in 2011, Davis School District has implemented a new employee evaluation system in which teacher ratings are based upon student growth scores, parent and student surveys and the principal’s evaluation.

• Only one or two board members and one or two administrators should attend expensive national conventions. They should gather information and bring it back to others in our district. 
• Education is the duty of local and state governments according to both the U.S. and Utah constitutions. The Davis School Board should formally request the Utah State Board of Education to withdraw from participation with Common Core Standards, testing and data collection. Utah should establish its own educational standards. 

• Guidance offices in our secondary schools should be “one-stop shops” for all information about secondary education. This should include opportunities for concurrent education, private schools, charter schools, home school and on-line education.

• School community councils should be authorized to approve additions to their school library collection. Librarians should be directed to consider character development in the new materials they recommend.

• The School District should only charge its own cost for the public to rent school facilities after hours.