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I feel I need to put a plug in for our incumbent school board member, Peter Cannon. I've watched him in action at the school board meetings and have visited with him personally. In all of my experiences with him, I have been very impressed and very grateful for the effort he is making to serving our students, teachers, and especially families.  

While I hope some of the other candidates might do a good job, I know that Peter Cannon is already doing an exemplary job. He is often the only vote in favor of parent, student, and community rights. At the same time, he supports our hard-working and well-performing teachers and administrators. He spends countless hours studying the bills and laws that pertain to our schools and communities in Davis County and frequently holds meetings to allow constituents to ask him questions and to discuss current concerns--the other school board members seem to try very hard to limit public interaction with actual citizens. He has the courage to be well-educated in the issues and, when necessary, to be the lone voice and lone vote supporting important principles.  

I guess what I am saying is that if every school board member were like Peter Cannon, I would not worry about education in Davis County. On the other hand, I am gravely concerned about what will happen if he no longer serves on the school board.  

Elizabeth R. Nielson, PhD (Instructional Psychology & Technology)

State Senator Stuart Adams
I've always had an affinity toward Peter. I had no idea that he has been doing what I have been spouting off that the board should be doing! It is sad that he was the only one voting against the things that so many of my friends and acquaintances have been saying should stop. He is standing for us. He has my vote too.                          Jan C. Gates
It's good to see someone not just go with the flow and actually try to make a difference.   Cherie Oliver